A Minute of Alone Time

I'm finally able to have some time to myself, even though it's only for a minute. We all had a nice time camping and Monday was amazing. The kids were surprisingly good. We all woke up at 7 am Monday to head over to Wildwood and didn't get back home till 2 am Tuesday morning. Since then I've had a lot of drama going on. My ex-husbands father died, so my kids are heart broken right now. One of my best friends has to give her kids up to foster care unless she finds someone to take them temporarily. She asked me. I don't know what to do. How do I say no? I know it's a huge responsibility, but if I don't these kids will go into foster care and who knows what could happen, or who will be watching them. And my girlfriend may never be able to get them back out of the system. Mikey has been thinking about it, we all have, I just don't know.


Today is my only free day, well not even a whole day. When Michael gets off work tonight we have to start shopping for our trip, we leave tomorrow morning. I'm hoping he gets this job done he's been doing for 3 weeks because he doesn't get paid till it's finished and he hasn't had any income since June. I have to check on the kids, they're being too quiet.



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Comments (3)

  1. christyhuntley

    taking on the kids would be hard but rewarding as long as the friend understands every decision is yours when it come to her kids while they are in your care not ifs buts about it. its not the kids fault just remember that. y are they being taken away?

    August 20, 2014
    1. chrismarx

      Her and her boyfriend became homeless. That’s what she told me, I think there’s more to it she’s keeping from me though.

      August 27, 2014
  2. christyhuntley
    sounds like it, and i would say no due to your finances.

    September 02, 2014