All Drama Should Be Over

It's been quite sometime since I've had time to write. A lot has happened as usual. Mikey is still clean, since February. He had his case review and accepted the latest deal so there will be no trial. They dropped all theft charges. What choice did they have, they had nothing on him. I think everyone knows he didn't do anything except the homeowner. He does have to pay restitution for all the things stolen that he was originally charged with. Mike was going to fight that since he didn't take anything, but he never got around to it in time. They changed the burlargy charge to criminal trespassing so he just took that and now he's on probation till next May. He did wind up getting his drivers license so I no longer have to worry about him getting pulled over to/from work. The only struggle we've had as of late was he couldn't find work for 4 weeks so as always we're behind on our bills. He got a job last week so he's been doing that. I think he said he'll be done it at the end of this week and he has another job lined up afterwards. Once that jobs done hopefully he'll have another one lined up by then. I have to finish his website for him and make him some new flyers. It's been a couple years since we distributed some flyers.


Things are finally getting back on track. I'm struggling a bit with trusting Michael, understandbly. But we're working on it.


This week I'm all alone. My mom took my youngest on a week long vacation and my oldest is visiting my brother and his family for the week. Since Michael will be working this weekend we won't be getting MJ.


Our last weekend with the kids we took them out in the boat, went to the beach and I got so burnt I was in bed for 4 days afterwards. I miss them all though. The first day they're home we're headed back to the beach!! I'm making plans for next week and 4th of July weekend and the following week. I think we're going camping for the week. We already informed Alex we'll be getting MJ for one of our weeks. She hasn't put up a fight yet. It's actually weird. She's been being nice lately. Maybe I'll get into that in another post at another time. It's just too mind blowing for me to even think about it, it confuses all of us and leaves us stuttering.



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