Busy Day

Tuesday. I keep thinking it's Friday... I wish. This week is going so slow for me. The kids had off from school so I had Tiff work on her room and Kendra and I worked on her room a bit. I was right, I couldn't get away with throwing anything out. So I will have to wait until the girls are at their fathers this weekend. I have to get that room cleared out so bad. I think Kendra is a hoarder. My ex-mother-in-law is a hoarder and I'm worried Kendra has inherited it. Well I'll just have to take care of it on my own.


Mikey and I are going to go out next Tuesday. I'm so excited about it. We agreed that we're going to start trying to get out once a month alone. After having done so last month we realized how much our relationship needs a "date night." After the night was over I felt reconnected with him. Mike has been working 10 hour days so I rarely see him. He leaves an hour before work, takes an hour to get home, that's 12 hours there. 6:00 he makes dinner and by 8:00 he's ready to pass out. At least he's working though. It's the first steady job he's had since April. Originally this job was going to last 2 weeks, but I think he said it will be 3 and a half now and that the guy he's currently working for can give him more work afterwards. Oh, I hope so with Christmas coming.


Well he gets his first paycheck on Friday so of course we're going to spend it Tuesday. Normally that goes against everything I believe. To me, the bills must get paid before money is spent on ourselves but this month I'm like who cares about the bills. We're going to go to the movies and spend very little on us because it's discount Tuesday. Then we're going to take half his check and start our Christmas shopping for the kids. The other half will go toward bills. Well I also have to put some money aside to get MJ for Thanksgiving and send his mother child support. 


Since I've been working on Kenni's room all day I'm going to take some time for myself and play The Sims before I have to hop in the shower in an hour. Then it's Michael time. :D Miss that guy!!



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