Bye October

Not a lot happened in October. I did join a gym as I said I would. I've been going three times a week, but it's causing me to eat out more because I always go out to eat as soon as I leave there. So I doubt I'm losing any weight that way, hopefully building some muscle.


We had all three of the kids two weekends ago so we took them to a petting zoo for a little bit on Saturday and afterwards to the pumpkin patch. We did everything at the pumpkin patch then came home to celebrate MJs birthday since we missed it. We had my parents over for cake and presents. Instead of carving pumpkins this year we decorated them. The kids seemed to like that better. I bought them each their own decorating kit that they picked out. Michael found a job that will last about 2 weeks so hopefully we'll put some money aside to get MJ for Thanksgiving. This weekend he's working so I'm just going to hang out at home. I haven't been home all week. I let Tiffany go to her fathers for the weekend and Kendra is currently at my parents. I'm not sure if she'll spend the night or not.


Next weekend they'll both be at their fathers and I'm going to see about emptying out Kendra's room and getting rid of a lot of stuff and redoing it. She has had Disney Princess theme since she was born and wants to change it to Hello Kitty. I'll have to paint her room, get her new bed spread, curtains, etc. I want to do it when she's not here so she can't be digging in the trash seeing what I'm throwing away. Also I have to make room for her new Christmas stuff she'll be getting.


That's all for now. I came on here just to read posts, didn't expect to write one myself.



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Comments (2)

  1. ruth

    Your daughters have really nice names.

    November 07, 2014
    1. chrismarx

      Thanks so much.

      November 11, 2014