Clueless This Year

Christmas shopping isn't going too well. I barely got the kids anything, or Marc for that matter. I'm getting MJ the day after Christmas and I haven't gotten him anything either. 😔


I'm actually thinking about getting Marc a boat 🛥 and if I am not able to pull that off by Christmas, 🎄 hopefully for his birthday in April.


The girls I'm done, but I'm not. I'm out of ideas but only got them 4 things. I need to make a trip to Toys R Us for Kendra & MJ. I guess I'll run to Hot Topic & AE for Tiffany. As far as Marc goes, I have no idea. I'm just completely clueless this year. My parents are getting Tiffany a car, 🚗 if they find one in time, so she really doesn't need much from me. 😜


At the moment I'm making Marc a CD. If I get him a boat I'll save the CD for Valentine's Day, but I'm going to head back to that now.



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