Divorce is Finalized

My divorce was finalized the other day. Mike doesn't even know about it.


I guess to make a long story short Mike put his hands on me, was arrested and we were separated because of it. I approached him about getting help and he was all for it, but at the same time had met someone that he didn't wanna give up while we were getting help.


In the end I found out she's a drug addict who manipulates and sleeps around. He doesn't know these things about her. She's a huge liar. She tells us she has multiple degrees and three jobs when it turns out she has zero degrees and one job. She also lied to him about her age. He thinks she's 8 years older than him, she's 12 years older than him. She wanted to tell me she'd step aside so we could work on things but she didn't. I even spoke with her friends who said that was probably a lie because they believe she'd never step aside and she has wrecked other homes in the past. None of this stuff I can tell him because he'll think I'm lying about it all to get him back which is bull because at this point I don't want him back.


They deserve each other!



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