Easter Came

Easter had come and gone. We had the kids this year. My oldest spent Easter break at my parents house though so she only came over Easter day. We spent the day in the yard with the kids. Friday we went and saw the Easter bunny, took just the li'l kids. Saturday we died the eggs and had Easter dinner at my parents. Sunday we had the egg hunt of course, played Pin The Tail on The Bunny. After that we spent the day in the yard. Mike cleaned, the li'l kids played. My parents came by with my oldest. She played some soccer with my dad, shot some arrows. My parents and daughter didn't stay too long. I can't even remember how the rest of the day went. Michael left to take MJ home, didn't get home to well after bed time as usual.


Since than Mike's been working a new job, one he hopes to have for years. We might just have seen the last of our money troubles. This is the first time since we've been together that he has had a real job. :) Our first goal I guess is to pay off our credit card debts and get him caught up with his child support payments. I'm super excited because once we pay all that off we'll be able to start paying off our camper and doing more family vacations! Oh and save up for a new vehicle and get some things fixed around the house. Omigosh, it'll just be nice to be able to buy a drink without having to stress. And then we'll be able to do more things with the kids this summer and be able to get MJ more often! I'm so excited about everything. 


For now I'm still working on my last class and losing some weight before summer comes. I wanna drop 30 pounds, which is why I started the new journal I put up. I just wanted to do a quick update because it's been over a month. I'm ready for a nap now. 



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