👋🏽 Goodbye Christmas

A month of build up and in a day it's all over. 😕 My Christmas wasn't anything like I expected it to be. I was a bit excited that I'd be spending my first Christmas with Marc.🎄 But it didn't go as I expected. Christmas morning we got up and watch the kids open gifts. Afterwards he played Legos with Kendra while I guess I sat around an ate. After a bit he left to go visit his daughter who lives over 3 hours away. He didn't get back home till midnight 🕛 and when he did he went right to sleep. 🛏 So I really didn't get to spend any time with him or even get to talk to him for our first Christmas. Today is weirder, he's acting really distant and I don't know why. I asked him what's up, but he claims everything is fine.


As for presents he got me a few things, 🎁 but one was a really nice diamond ring that I LOVE! 💜 In the card he wrote me, he told me how I'm his world, he's in love with me and he hopes to one day be my husband. 💌


I talked to Mike 💩 last night. I'm trying to get MJ this week, but it's his week with him so he agreed he'll pick him up from his mothers today and then drop him off here Thursday around 6. 🕕 Alex kept saying I could have him today, but out of nowhere Mike 💩 decided he wanted him, so now I have to wait until his days are legally up to get him. MJ wasn't too happy about it, he doesn't want to go with his father. Not sure why. Maybe he doesn't like spending time at his fathers since him and his new girlfriend 🤡 fight all the time. He's still with the girl he was screwing when I thought we were fixing our marriage. Whatever. 


It'll be weird seeing Mike. I haven't actually spoken to him face to face since the day he told me he wanted to work things out with me and keep his girlfriend on the side. After that I saw him at court, didn't talk to him. I was really hurt he had brought her with him. Then I saw him in my front yard picking up the rest of his things a few days after court. I had piled his things in the driveway. I spoken to him a few times over the phone since, but this will be the first time we gather in the same location for the same reason. It'll probably be uncomfortable at first... especially if he brings his homewrecker to my house with him. He's truly evil if he does that! 👿


Any way, so as I was saying... Christmas was boring and now I'm sitting around staring at my destroyed home bored again. I should get up and clean it, but really... I have all week. I'll do it before MJ gets here.


I guess I'll go watch TV 📺 and pig 🐷 out on some red velvet cake. 🍰 Tiffany, of course, went out. Kendra is on her laptop playing. Marc is at work. I AM BORED! 


OH! Also... my period is 18 days late. 🤰 I really don't think I'm pregnant or anything, but just worth noting.



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