Goodbye Florida

I just got home from my vacation to Florida. I loved almost every minute of it. Marc & I did have our first problem of our relationship, but we got over it quickly and without raised voices. I feel like it's made us stronger.


Any way, our first night there we went out to dinner to some crab place. The crabs were really good and it was all you can eat. Love that! We went to the beach, spent a day shopping, had dinner out by the water... it was gorgeous even though it was storming. It was an amazing atmosphere. The one day we went to the Everglades to see the gators. I enjoyed the airboat ride, but not the swamp buggy ride. At the animal sanctuary I fell in love with the tigers, but the gator show was pretty boring. Our last night there we went out to dinner with my brothers family, it was an okay time. I really didn't wanna leave. We mostly spent the vacation relaxing while the kids visited with their cousins and spent time in the pool. I always hate leaving Florida and would really love to move there. I told Marcus, he said he'd go anywhere with me. I told him I wanna start saving and we'll leave in 6 years when Kendra is 18 and by then his youngest will also be 18.


I guess that's all the new worth sharing for now.



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