Google Plus Entries

After a bit of thinking I've decided to delete my Google+ account. In doing so I'd like to keep my posts so I'm just going to copy & paste them here. This may be a longer entry than I thought.


11/26/15     I posted the following: "I have every reason to be thankful. I don't need a day specifically for it. I'm thankful daily & I thank God every night before I go to bed. My life is good, better than ever. I have mended relationships with friends & family. My parents are healthier & happier & so are my children. I'm fortunate enough to have 2 jobs while I'm looking at starting my own company. Feels good to be making a pay after being out of work for 7  years. I have no stressors in life & have now paid off my debts. I have a roof over my head, food on my table, money in the bank & 2 amazing daughters. I can not wait to fall asleep at night because I'm excited for the next day! I'm happy for the first time in 3 years... I have been so happy these past 2 months. And as my mom pointed out last week I am the happiest I've ever been & I must admit, I am. And for that alone I am blessed because that is all I wanted out of life... happiness. These are the reasons I give thanks today & every day. Happy Thanksgiving!!" At that time I was working for two different people and looking at starting my own business, but in the end I wasn't interested in running my own thing and after time went by I left both of those places.


11/27/15     I posted a quote that says: "The way you react has been repeated thousands of times, and it has become a routine for you. You are conditioned to be a certain way. And that is the challenge: to change your normal reactions, to change your routine, to take a risk and make different choices." I live by this EVERY day. Whenever a situation arises I always remind myself that if I act the same way, I'll get the same results. This quote has changed my whole way of thinking and in turn, my life.


11/29/15     I posted a quote that says: "Glorify who you are today, do not condemn who you were yesterday, and dream of who you can be tomorrow."


12/6/15    I posted a quote that says, "You'd have to understand how accessible I'm NOT, to really appreciate how accessible I am to you. Everyone's access isn't granted." That's me being picky about who I spend my time with. And I'll continue to be that way for life now.


12/7/15     I posted a quote that says: "Live your life with purpose. Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes. Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses. Be yourself and don't wait for approval of others. But most importantly, have a positive and humble mindset no matter what situation you are in. Count your blessings, and you will realize how beautiful your life truly is." This one has helped me tremendously when I was going through my divorce.


12/11/15     I posted a picture of my dad working under my car with a caption saying, "Asked my dad if he knew anything about cars, his response... no. lol Maybe I have the wrong person under there then."


12/14/15     I posted another quote that says, "I'm blessed with everything I need. I'm working hard towards everything I want. And most of all I appreciate & Thank God for what I have."


12/15/15     I posted a quote that says, "Dear God I know that I am not perfect, I know sometimes I forget to pray, I know I have questioned my faith, I know sometimes I loose my temper, But thank you for loving me unconditonally, and giving me another day to start over again!!!!" Above it I have written, "I not only questioned my faith, but gave up on it for a few years. I regret few things in life, but turning away from God is my biggest regret and I only hope that I remember forever how I was punished, so that I never question His existence again." 


12/21/15     I posted a quote that says, "Yes, I'm single... and you're going to have to be amazing to change that." I stand by this always! I will never again let a man treat me badly. I will be very picky from here on out on who I spend my time with. And this one will always remind me to be that way.


12/27/15     I posted a picture that says, "Blessed." Because I am!!


12/29/15     I posted a picture that says, "Do not judge. You don't know what storm I've asked her to walk through. -God"


Onto the new years!!...


1/1/16     I posted a quote that says, "2016 is your year. You will do anything and everything to make yourself a better person inside and out. This year you will spend time on your problems, not others' problems. You will put yourself first to gain every ounce of happiness you lost in 2015. This is your wake up call. You will make your dreams into reality this year. You will put your determination to it. This year is for you to be reborn to the person you need and want to be. 2016 is your year." And so far this is true. :D


1/4/16    A picture that says, "Stop wishing, start doing."


2/2/16     I posted a quote that says, "If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be present during my success." I've seen this quote a million times, but at that point and time it pertained to my life and my ex-husband who never wanted to morally support me, just wanted to take all he could from me.


2/11/16     I posted a picture that says, "My purpose outweighs my pain. My destiny outweighs my history. My crown outweighs my cross. My hope outweighs my hardships. God's grace outweighs my shame. The blessing outweighs the burden. God's favor outweighs my frustration."


2/12/16    I posted a post that says, "Met up with the ex-husband for lunch today. I was uncomfortable when he paid for me 18 years ago and even after a 10 year marriage I'm still uncomfortable with him paying now, but it was super sweet of him, as always. To thank him I'm taking him to a basketball game which I'm sure is a lot more than lunch but he has been taking care of me for almost 20 years now, he always made sure I have enough to live and be home for my girls... he deserves it. Especially since he has to put up with us 3 girls for life. I'm happy to be in a position where I can start paying him back for all he's done for me. Today was just another reminder of how thankful I am. Some day he'll make someone very happy and he will deserve the same in turn."


2/14/16     I posted, "Every year for my birthday my parents would watch the kids and Steve would take me out. I haven't been out for my birthday in 8 years, I forgot how crowded it gets for Valentine's Day. Any way, on this day I am thankful for my girls. They are growing up to be so caring and understanding. And I'm grateful to all my friends who wanna pick on me for aging... to them I say the same thing. I don't care about my age because I still look good. Today was a lot of fun and I'll be sad to see it end, but onto the next year!"


2/23/16     "Harlem Globetrotters game with my ex-husband and our li'l girls I than posted a picture of my first husband sitting with my kids at the game."


2/26/16     I posted a picture of flowers Marcus gave me since I was sick. The caption said, "I been sick. Marc's been wonderful. ♥ Definitely got myself a keeper."


2/29/16     A picture that says, "You know what's sexier than a bad boy? A grown ass man with his shit together."


2/29/16     "I have the best roommate! Jake cleaned the yard for me so I had time to take the girls to the park. Taught Kendra a little more roller blading, helped Tiffany with her lacrosse and ended my day with Marc. πŸ’– It was a gorgeous day and a good one at that. I cannot wait for Spring!"


3/4/16     "Woke up to having the best roommate again. I woke up early for no reason but when I did Jake had already shoveled the sidewalk. After he fixed the couch that's been needing fixing for 3 years I get to sit back and stare into my woods watching the snow land. It's a peaceful day. The girls have off for in service and my guys have off because of the snow. I love spending time with my growing family."


3/6/16     Post I wrote saying, "Love my guys!! I finally got my bathroom redone, thanks to Jake maintenance and Marcs ❀ painting. I can not wait to head out today to buy all the finishing touches. After a productive day with them I had an amazing night with my favorite guy πŸ’™... thankful as always!! Can't wait to get my girls back tonight."


3/10/16     "Such a gorgeous day! It was so hard to let Marc ❀ leave for work. The past few days have been beautiful so I'm grateful to be able to have freedom and a convertible..."


3/11/16     Post says, "First bonfire of the year last night. πŸ€— Last night was perfect, followed by a perfect morning. Girls are at school, the guys just left for work and I get some me time before I gotta be up. The best part to this week, paid off my beast of a camper 2 days ago. πŸ˜† Time to plan our first camping trip of the season."


3/12/16 I posted a picture of Marc, the girls and I at the RV convention we'd gone to in Hampton, VA.


3/15/16 A picture that says, "Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us."


3/22/16 "For 7 years now, today is always the hardest day of the year. There are only 3 people who know why... my kids dad, my niece, & my mom. Every year I struggle to make it through this day while the rest of the world goes on. I cry myself to sleep the night before & I cry myself to sleep the night of. I suffer in silence & put my life on hold for the day while the people around me keep moving. The only thing getting me through this year is to remind myself how good my life is now & that tomorrow today will be all over."


3/24/16 "Had the BEST day yesterday, so happy vacation starts tonight! Work started on the yard yesterday to get it ready for the pool coming"

I wish I had wrote what was so great about "yesterday." I'd like to know what happen. lol


3/27/16 "Because he's always so damn good to me!! I'm still so very thankful for this good life. Even when I'm sick, or drank a little too much, he's here to take care of me and constantly showers me with love and affection. He spoils me and consoles me when need be. I'm so lucky to have found this guy when I did, I wish it was sooner but I'm grateful for his presence in my life now. I'm happy for our first holiday together and looking forward to the rest. I hope everyone's Easter is as good as mine started, I can't wait to experience the rest of this day with my favorite guy ❀ and amazing family. HAPPY EASTER!! And below it I posted a picture of the flowers and candy he had boughten."


3/29/16 "My 3 bedroom house is now a 4 bedroom house. It took a couple weeks, but my addition is done. πŸ˜† I am so excited with finally getting this place in order. Now I have to decide if I want a 5th bedroom or a 2nd living room."


3/30/16 "So excited! Marc s home from his business trip. I haven't seen him in 57 hours, the longest we been apart. I had an AMAZING day spending some alone time with my baby girls and now I'm excited to be spending my evening with my babes and my favorite guy. ❀"


4/3/16 "I sit here baffled at how wonderful life is sometimes. I had another amazing day yesterday. Loved my day with some of my favorite people, my best friend Terry, my heart Marc. I just don't even have words at this point for how wonderful Marc❀ is and when I tell him how he's just too good to me his response is always I'm his queen. For the first time ever my dad approves of a guy I'm seeing and BOTH my kids like him, another first. He's not only good to me, my girls and my family, but my friends too. Words have not been invented to express what a wonderful person I've found and how thoughtful and caring he is. I still thank God every night for this great life he carved out for me, but I now also thank Marc❀ too for just being him. I can't wait to get my babies back tonight and to have us all back under the same warm roof."


4/9/16 "Present I got for Marc. ❀ Bucket of beer 🍺 from 6 different countries & a bunch of snacks to go with. 🍻" followed with a picture of said present.


4/12/16     "Every morning is the same. I start Marc's coffee, 🍡 get the kids off to school and climb back into bed πŸ› with him. We've spent all night cuddling, πŸ’‘ but I can't get enough of him. I hold on tight for an hour until he says he has to go. When he tries to get up I tighten my grip, he giggles and lays back down squeezing me tighter. πŸ’“ I never feel like I can get close enough to him. Another hour passes and then our day separates us. Our days β˜‰ are always different, our nights πŸŒ™ and weekends always different but the mornings are my favorite time with him. 🌞 I love falling asleep at night knowing such a blissful, comfortable, loving morning awaits me. ☺"


4/13/16     I posted a picturing comparing boys to men and captioned it with "Things to look for when choosing your significant other... never ever settle. I wish some of my girl friends would learn this. 😞 I got it right this time. πŸ–’"


4/15/16     "Looking forward to today! My baby girls have off from school so it's alone time while the guys are at work. Gonna bake some brownies and get some chocolate into us before the game tonight. I'm extremely lucky to have these two girls."


4/16/16     I posted a picture of me and my kids at an ice cream place near the beach with a caption that says, "Between my friends and family I rarely get alone time with my baby girls, but I love when I do."


At the time this was true.


4/18/16     "Lost another loved one to the devil. πŸ˜” Lost his brother years back to the same shit. I will always remember these two, especially since they are the ones who taught me how to curse out my mom at just 2 years old. πŸ’›"


4/19/16     "Marc's on his way home from his business trip. πŸ˜† Him going away must put things in prospective, because he hates being away from me and told me he wants to marry me. Crazy guy. Been there, done that... twice. I've had 6 guys in my life wanna marry me and every time it shocks me. As I told Mike, they don't all get a yes but as he replies back, third times a charm. I dunno about that, but I'm super excited to see him soon."


4/22/16     "Yesterday was gorgeous. I sat on my new front porch watching Kendra & Marc play basketball at the top of the driveway while Jake washed his truck at the bottom of the driveway. Over in the yard Tiffany practiced her lacrosse while the dog hung out on the porch with me. Now today is just so yucky, but at least it's the weekend... playtime."


4/23/16     "Sitting and talking in the casino parking lot for a few before we head in and I break the door handle on Marc's car. 😁 I felt so bad, but he's too excited about the new van he just got that afternoon and reminds me he's getting us a pick up truck in a couple weeks so, "Thats okay," he says. Sitting at one of the machines a little later being indecisive as usual I remind him how hard it is for me to make choices. He smiles at me and says, "You know I'm gonna marry you one day, right?" I won't get into where that conversation lead, but it seems to be a topic getting brought up an awful lot lately. I've never jumped into that decision lightly and I know he's never been married and so sure I'm the one, but I went into those thinking it would be forever. I know now forever is only a rare possibility... not a definite."


4/25/16 I posted a picture that says, "im stingy with me now. not everybody deserves me, my time or my attention." I captioned it with, "Just my guy ❀ and my babies. πŸ’•"


4/26/16 I posted a picture of Marc laying in my bed on his stomach playing on his phone while my cat slept on his back. I captioned it, "How I usually find them when I come in. 🐈❀ Her favorite place to lay. They're both so cute. 😻"


4/27/16 "🏨 Last night starts the next generation of my family. I am now a Great-aunt & I have an adorable new baby nephew. πŸ’™ SO EXCITED!!"


4/29/16 I posted a picture that says, "There's a difference between the old me and the new me. I don't put up with the same bullshit anymore & it's that simple."


5/1/16 "Forget marriage, now we're talking babies. I know when a guy is trying to trap me, but at least this one has money. lol Today was a yucky day, weather wise and health wise but at least I'm alive. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow."



5/3/16     "At 9 years old I became an Aunt for the first time. I have a ton of nieces & nephews, but the first born is always pretty special. We were close for many years until age and distance caused us to drift apart. Now, I spent the night crying myself to sleep while my first born nephew is in the hospital fighting for his life. Something I will have to struggle with on my own since my mom has been in Florida for the past month with no return date in site and Marc β€ is on another business trip. Either way I have to appear strong for my little girls πŸ’ž who are very concerned for their older cousin."


5/4/16     A quote that says, "Yes, I'm a little bruised, slightly broken, and permanently scarred, but I'm still here. I'm still fighting. I'm still waking up everyday to go through it all over again. This life may be hard as hell, but it's still a gift and I'm going to live every moment of it!"


5/7/16     I posted a picture of Jake and I at Tiff's game with a caption that says, "Spent the evening freezing my ass off in the rain with one of my best friends. He did his best to keep me dry, but by the end of the night we were both soaked."


5/8/16    I posted a picture of Marc, the kids and I at an amusement park with a caption that reads, "Happy Mother's Day mommys!! I get to spend the day playing with these 3 and I'm already loving today. Life is very very good."


5/9/16 I posted a picture of the tulips Marcus got me and captioned it, "First Mother's day without my mom, but I still had an amazing day. The kids πŸ’• were cute about their gifts & Marc ❀ of course got me flowers. He spent the whole day cooking & cleaning & being completely attentive to me. 😍 It was so gorgeous out, the day couldn't have been more perfect. Back to reality today... I'm about to get moving in a minute after I make breakfast... corned beef hash, eggs, bacon, & lamb. πŸ‘ I'll probably just save all my room for the lamb. πŸ˜†"


5/10/16 A picture that says, "Having a man who actually wants to take away your stress, rather than add to it, is the best feeling." Captioned with, "I'm so very lucky!"


5/12/16 I posted a music video of Owl City's Vanilla Twilight, captioned "Miss my Marc ❀ when he goes on his business trips, but I love missing him. He works hard to spoil us girls. Longest time apart by far & it's not over yet. πŸ˜” "


5/13/16     A picture that says, "Fact: If an addict is happy with you, you're probably enabling them. If an addict is mad at you, you're probably trying to save their life." And I wrote, "Nothing is more honest than this."


5/15/16     "Another amazing weekend. Got to start my Saturday with some alone time with Kendra, took her to her favorite park. Then Marc ❀ & I took her along for a shopping spree. I definitely got everything I wanted. "You girls are spoiled," Marc ❀ says to us. Delicious dinner, peaceful evening before heading home. Marc was in complete awe over the double rainbow the whole area was witnessing. We got to see where it ended. I told Kenni she'll probably never see the end of a rainbow again. Marc says the rainbow was the perfect ending to the perfect day, but that's his opinion. That was his favorite moment. Kendra's favorite moment of the day was once we got home and did some fireworks. Once the 3 of us were settled for the night all I was thinking about was funnel cake. Then came my favorite moment, 2 am... all in bed, Kendra upstairs asleep, Marc ❀ beside me dozing off. I mumbled, "We gotta get funnel cake tomorrow." Almost asleep Marc ❀ jumps out of bed and says, "I'll go make you some." Of course I told him not to, but he insists with his same old line, "You're my queen." And at that point I no longer cared about the funnel cake. I'm just once again amazed with this guy and his endless need to keep me happy. I don't care about the money he spends. I have my own & if I didn't Steve, Jaake, or my dad will make sure the kids & I never go without. I don't care about the things he does for me or my kids, but what I love about it all... is that he WANTS to do these things and that he THINKS of these things. The thought is what I love."


5/17/16     I posted a picture that says, "When you never asked for anything from him, but he makes it his point to give you everything."


5/23/16     "This weekend was blah. I was injured Friday, the weather was yucky & I been sick. It didn't stop me from going out and playing with my li'l family, but it did make for a long weekend. Got an uneventful week coming, but lotsa stuff going on this coming weekend and CAMPING coming up... woo!! Now time to get the kiddies off to school, the guys off to work, & then back to bed with my sick ass."


5/26/16      "My ex-husband and I been broken up for 7 years now. So I find it a little awkward when he asks me to pack him lunch. Not for me, or him, but I'm not quite sure how Marc ❀ felt this morning when I was making Steve's lunch. πŸ˜… I guess he'll come to find out Steve & I will just always be friends. But Marc's ❀ always been super understanding about things in my life. Today is another good day, beautiful morning, & I can't wait for this holiday weekend."


5/27/16     "Cannot wait for this weekend to get started!! Two of my favorite brothers are coming down, our pool is going in, got a baseball game to go to and as always by my side, my Marc ❀ and my best friend Jake."


6/1/16     I posted a picture of Kenni & I that says, "One of my favorite things to do... roller blading with my baby girl."


6/10/16 I posted a picture of flowers Marc got me and wrote, "Just cause... he's so good to me./23/16 I posted a picture of the newest flowers Marc had gotten me and wrote, "He got me a rose in this week's bouquet. 😍"


6/26/16     "Trying to get my house in order for the cookout/bonfire were having tonight with Marc's family. My mom lays in my bed & Marc says to me, "You're letting her sweaty ass lay in our bed?" 😁 Our bed? The one I been paying for the past 3 years... the one I paid off 2 months before I met him. Okay... our bed. 😘"



7/15/16      "Here's a switch. Told Marc I'm taking off for the rest of the summer, but when I told him I'll still be working Saturdays because I already committed myself to this client he gives me crap for working when I said I wouldn't! He who works 70 plus hours a week wants to give me crap because he wants me to stop working. He should take a break himself. "


7/17/16     I posted a picture of the flowers Marc got me and wrote, "Awe. πŸ’— For me being me he says. xoxo"


7/18/16     I posted a picture of my 2 little girls and my favorite step-son from July 5th, all decked out in their red, white, & blue.


7/19/16     "My guy is a nut. He seriously set an alarm to wake him at 4 am 😲 so that he could work on the tree house before he went to work. I'm excited that he wants to get it done, but who wants to work BEFORE work? My nutty ass boyfriend! I could careless about that tree house though, but he's a perfectionist and got sick of looking at it all undone. I'm just thankful he finished my kitchen for me, looks real good now. πŸ–’ He's fixing so much and finishing so much that I'm gonna run out of things for him to do. I guess I'll have to come up with more additions and projects to keep him from getting bored. Dating a perfectionist workaholic has its advantages I suppose. πŸ™„ Not sure what I did to deserve this guy, but I'm truly grateful for him and his giant heart. πŸ’"


7/24/16     "Usually when I have a day off I wanna spend it alone, but it's really rare Marc & I have the same day off. So rare that it's never happened until today. He left this morning saying he's going to the beach for an hour with his cousin and that he'd be back and we'd spend the day together. Now 8 hours later I finished a ton of shit around the house and I'm bored waiting for him to come home so guess I give up on waiting and I'm going out without him. Once he starts drinking time always gets away from him so I know he won't be coming home till 4 am. I'm not sitting here bored till then... pfft. I have no kids for the next week so I guess I should take advantage of my me time."


7/26/16     "Miiiiss Marc. Today's too boring. None of my friends have off, my kids are with their father and I have no plans until dinner time. I can't wait till Marc gets home. Tomorrow we're having another cook out and Thursday I get my girls back, so excited. I miss them so much. I'll definitely need an alone day with them. πŸ’ž"


7/27/16     I posted a video of Jennifer Lopez's "I Ain't Your Mama" with a caption that read, "I know how this shit used to feel after 8 - 12 hours of school a day. Glad I'm done that shit, no more school for this girl! And while I don't mind doing laundry, Marc & I are talking about taking the next step in our relationship. He doesn't help me clean, but he doesn't expect me to do everything around the house so I think we'll be alright. He's been super patient with me, and I think I'm finally ready to move him in. I'm super excited to see what the future will hold for us and I have nothing but good feelings about this decision in which I did not make lightly."


8/7/16     "Marcus & I just got back from Cape Coral, Florida. I love the house we rented, I miss it already. Our first vacation together went pretty well and solidified my decision to move him in. The kids had a good time. We all want to move down there. So after some serious talking this morning I have decided to start saving to move to Florida. Marc backs me up and we're ready to go now, but first money saving."


8/12/16     "So much going on! This weekend Marc's daughter & granddaughter are staying with us. She wants to see how she likes things and may move in with us. Next week my baby girl is officially moving out. I'm excited for her new life. I'm excited about it all, but life balances out because the downside of things is my dog. She has a tumor and more than likely I will have to have her put to sleep next week. Almost 8 am, so almost time to get up and moving. I can't wait to get this weekend started!"


8/14/16     "Kids everywhere. My house became such a mess and Marc knows how much of a neat freak I am and that I hate clutter. He saw it was getting to me but knowing I was up with the baby all night he tells me to take a nap and that he'll take care of it for me. I lay down to read only while he spends some time with the baby. I accidentally fell asleep but when I woke up the whole house was clean and he's outside doing yard work. He is so amazing and I love him to death. I guess I was wrong thinking he wouldn't help with the indoor chores when I moved him in. Time to spend some one on one time with Tiffany before she goes back to her dad's, but can't wait to spend some time with Marc once the kids are in bed. It's been a busy kid filled weekend for us and we haven't had any alone time, I miss him tons."


8/17/16     I posted a picture of the cookies Marc brought me and wrote, "Around here we're pretty productive till bedtime. We don't do lazy days or bored afternoons and I love it that way. When my day ran late last night and Marcus was done he could have just showered and went to bed to wait for my day to end. But being amazing as always he baked me cookies and brought them to me while I worked. πŸ’“ Finishing the painting and finishing my cookies I got super excited about us again. I can't wait for the new carpet to go in this week and to start the next room later this week with Marc's help and I can't wait to live this life with him and when we're done this whole house he wants to build another one and I look forward to painting and fixing that one up next."


8/29/26     "We've been redoing the whole second floor. The house is such a mess, but I'm super excited to get it done. I ordered new furniture the other day, the paint is about done and the new floors are going to be finished this week. While that's been going on Marc's been working on the back yard & I'm about to start redoing the front yard. Tiffany starts school tomorrow and Kendra starts school next Tuesday so seems like summer is ending. πŸ˜” But soon we'll be living in Florida and we won't have to give up our summers."


9/9/16     "Truck shopping last night the dealer greets us. Marc introduces me as his soon to be wife. 😨 I, of course, told him to shut up as I always tell him I'm not marrying him. Any way, the dealer asks what color he's interested in. Marc says, "I'm not allowed white." πŸ˜† The dealer looks at me and says, "What color is he allowed to have?" My answer, "Anything except white & yellow." The dealer looks at Marc and says, "You're already married brother!" 😁 "I know it," He responds smiling. ☺ Good thing Marc's not picky about this truck, because I am... even though he's planning to get another one in 6 months."


9/12/16     "So my scum bag ex-husband & I have always been friends. It was just easier that way. Well that shit ends now! I finally agree to let my daughter live with him & she regrets it. All she wants to do is spend time with me now & he won't let her. I never denied him access to the girls. Not once have I said no to him. So I finally have to ask to see her and the first time I do & he says no. She's going to have to sit alone all day crying while he's at work when I could have taken her to the beach with me. His answer was not only no, but now he's ignoring my text. Dumb ass fucker is gone be hated by his children when they realize. My youngest is already sick of his shit. See if I'm ever nice to him anymore."


9/13/16     I posted a picture of me and my moms new dog, which read, "Busy day yesterday. Kendra's new bed I ordered came in, went up to the exes house and stole my daughter. No way I was going to let her sit crying alone all day! And the biggest thing... new doggie!! Name Coming Soon. Gotta get the kids up for the beach. I'm gone take this cute little puppy girl and Sky also. Doggie beach day!!"


9/17/16     More flowers, "Yep, I'd be an absolute idiot to give this guy up."


9/19/16     "Most people live for the days they feel appreciated. For me, that's every day. I don't care if one appreciates me or not, I will love them regardless, but I am fortunate enough to have a guy who does appreciate the stuff I do. Sitting on the couch he looks around the living room happily and says, "You work hard around this house, don't think I haven't noticed. You do a lot around here & I see it every day." πŸ’— He always gets me with words! He's not smooth in any way, just genuine & amazing. I've had very few bad days this year, but when I do I look back on these posts to help me remember how good I have it. I was told to keep a journal of all the good & bad that happens throughout the year so I can look back on it when I'm feeling unfortunate. I don't do that... instead I post here & these posts have helped me to make some decisions in my life so I'm thankful to be able to look back on my thoughts when need be. I know I'll need this one later."


9/21/16     "All these rainy days making me feel lazy. Marc & I left the house at the same time this morning. I didn't get far, to the gas station really before he calls to tell me he got rained out and is going back home. Now all I wanna do is go home too. I'm gonna try and make this a short day & get home so I can have a lazy day too. Today is picture day for Kendra. I hope her hair held up in this weather. I should have taken a picture of her before she left. She looked so good!"


9/23/16     "I don't cook often, but it's more than I used too. I'm more into baking really. But my mom will tell yah I can't appreciate a good pan cause I'm not a cook. Marc loves cooking so a nice pan will amaze him. "She don't cook, but she makes up for it in cleaning." Marc responds to my mom. "She always make sure we have a nice house." He goes on. Now this guy sticks up for me when someone TRIES to put me down. You can't put me down, cause I know my faults. I have one... I don't cook. And I will admit it. I used to have a bad temper, but I fixed that. So now she can't find too much to say about me but it wouldn't matter now cause Marc's got my back. ❀"


9/28/16     "Been saying since last October I want a Tahoe. Ever since I rode in my brothers I been thinking about them. Yesterday the check was written and I sent the seller my information!! I go up some time this week and pick up a TAHOE!! I am beyond excited AND it's blue so it's gone look so good in the driveway next to my car. Feel like there's a pattern here... my last few vehicles have been blue. SO SO EXCITED!! πŸ—―πŸ‘§πŸ’ƒπŸ˜†"


10/1/16     "Rainy day boredom. 🌧 Not a lot to do when we're all stuck inside. Kendra's playing video games all day... πŸ“± I'm baking and cooking... 🍰🍝 Marc's trying to get what he can done around here πŸ”¨ while we watch movies in between. πŸ“Ί This weather has got us being so unproductive. 😐 Blah!"


10/1/16     "My li'l Kendra hasn't been to her father's in months. I can not get her to go see him and it's starting to worry me. She is his mini me, he is her favorite person and now all of a sudden she wants nothing to do with him. πŸ˜• I have no idea what all this means, but I'm definitely loving this extra time with her."


10/5/16     "Without the rain things have been busy. With the hurricane coming I'm looking forward to spending a weekend in cozied up with my girls. I wanna get a ton of stuff so we can bake all weekend. I'm cooking a huge breakfast this morning and then time to load up on food and activities for my kids. I feel like it's been forever since I've got to enjoy both of them together and it's a 4 day weekend so I'm really excited!! πŸ˜†"


10/6/16     I posted a picture of the new Tahoe, which read, "So excited! I got my insurance yesterday, picked up the truck today and as soon as the title comes in I'll get it transferred and I now have this beaut to go with my beautiful car. I can not wait to hook it up to the camper and go camping for Halloween."


10/11/16     "Sadly, we've lost one of our doggies today. He has crossed the rainbow bridge and is in a better place now. πŸΆπŸ’™"


10/14/16     I posted a picture that reminded me of my ex and my boyfriend that reads, "A boy gives false promises. A man honors his commitments. A boy thinks me. A man thinks us. A boy blames others. A man accepts responsibility. A boy lives off others. A man lives for others. A boy relies on himself. A man relies on God."


10/16/16     "First weekend without my Kendra in months, I miss that kid. It was a nice weekend though. After a lot of running around Friday night and some drama I had to handle for a friend it was nice to just have a peaceful night Saturday. πŸ’† I couldn't wait to just get home, 🏑 make some dinner, and just relax all evening and that's just what I did. 😌 It was our first night with no kids in a long time. Well second if you count the drama filled Friday night before. Today will be some running. I get my Kendra back and of course Marc can't miss the Ravens game 🏈 so we have to head out and see that. Guy never misses one game. He even leaves work to go watch it. I'm excited for tomorrow. I'm finally taking the truck to get it transferred over. I can't wait. I'm about to go get these Maryland tags off and put this thing in my name... excited for it to finally happen!! I have a lot going on this week, I'm looking forward to every bit of it. πŸ’ƒ"


10/18/16     I posted a picture that says, "Grown Men... Not only text, but call their lady. They ask her how her day was. Take her out on dates. When she has a problem, they listen and try to help her figure out a way to solve it. They may argue sometimes, but they never hit or call her names, they show her respect at ALL times. They take pride in looking and smelling good for their lady. Grown men know that a relationship takes work from both parties to flourish, and they are not afraid to go the extra mile." And with it I wrote, "Awe. ❀ My guy does all this."


10/20/16     "Today is my calmest day this week. I got drug testing today and then shopping so I'm looking forward to some relaxing today. Although we have so much to get in preparation for this weekend that Marc and I are going shopping in shifts. lol There's a lot going on this weekend so I'm excited and can't wait to spend every moment with my kids. I'm pretty sure tomorrow is going to be my busiest day so I'm a bit overwhelmed thinking about it, but I wouldn't want things any other way."


10/21/16     I posted a picture that says, "I want years, not months." followed with a caption that says, "That's what I told Marc when we decided to make things official. I don't get into a relationship for months. Matter of fact, my two shortest relationships were both 3 years. If I dont' see someone being around for years, I won't bother with them. It's always something I give a lot of thought and careful consideration before I make things official."


10/23/16     I posted a caption that says"Mudding with this beast was more frightening than it was fun, but the rest of the weekend was pretty amazing." along with a picture of my camper attached to Marc's truck, stuck in the mud!


10/29/16     I posted a picture of my Halloween flowers and a caption that says, "I love these. They are so freaking cute. πŸŽƒ Makes my table look adorable this year.?


10/30/16      Today is one of those days I'm sitting here in peace. I'm taking this time to reflect because things are going to get really busy for me tomorrow. While Kendra is at church πŸ’’ & Marc's at work 🏒 I sit here in silence. It's a rare moment for me. It feels like spring out, 🌝 absolutely gorgeous. I'm so thankful for everything and everyone in my life. I'm truly blessed and very lucky. I spent years questioning why I deserved the terrible things I've been going through only to be granted an amazing AMAZING amazing life now.

My life of hell started in 2009 when Steve told me he wanted a divorce and the next month my grandmother who was like a second mother to me died. The month after my other grandmother died and the month after I almost lost my father. Since then things have gotten worse for me, up until last year. Last year I almost lost my mother three times and that would have been the worst thing ever. But this past year so much has changed.

All I really need is my girls, but everything extra is all bonus. I have an adorable home that I've grown to love with all the improvements we've been making on it. So much has been getting done.

I have the best vehicles, 🚘 absolutely gorgeous and while they may not be brand new they look good and run great. In addition I have my second home, my camper, that brings me wonderful memories now.

I have my daughters. πŸ™‡ My oldest who is absolutely gorgeous and amazingly smart. She's in the national honor society, the FFA, and wins awards on the norm. πŸ’ My youngest is the sweetest little thing, so caring, thoughtful and also an honor student.

I mean it when I say I have THE BEST mother & father. πŸ‘ͺ I do. No one will ever change my mind. They are always there for me, no matter how badly I'm screwing up. They love me unconditionally, always support my decisions even when they are the wrong ones and all around really good hearted, good people!

I have the cutest dogs. 🐩 My girl is stunning. She's a hyper little thing, but she's a sweet sweet girl. πŸ• My boy is crazy! He has such personality and while he's super friendly, he loves me more than anything and is super possessive, but that's okay. 🐈 My kitty rocks too. She's not a people person so she really only likes Marc & I, but that's okay.

I am dating the best guy. πŸ’‘ Not only does he show me he wants to be with me, but he always treats me good! He appreciates all the good I do for him and he's trustworthy. He doesn't lie to me, or lie about me and it's like how a real relationship should be. πŸ’ I'm completely comfortable with him and I can be me and he loves it. He loves me even when I'm acting completely goofy. ❀ He takes real good care of me and my girls. He takes good care of my home and my vehicles. He understands what I've been though and gets that I don't like drama. We've been together almost a year and have only had 2 disagreements. And during them both we sat, talked and worked them out within 10 minutes because he understands that fighting is counterproductive so we don't fight. We don't do or say anything that is damaging to our relationship. He doesn't get mean or nasty with me and in return I'm never hurt or mad at him. πŸ‘« For the first time in my life I'm with an actual adult and I know I'll be safe as long as I'm with him and I'm hoping that will be forever. We're just so good to each other and so good for each other. πŸ’–

Finally I am starting my dream job tomorrow! πŸŒ… I spent this past year wandering and trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life. I worked for people, I worked for myself. I started my own thing at the pleas of others and have decided that's not what I wanted. I no longer want the responsibility of finding employees, or hiring reliable contractors. So I put that all aside and am embarking on my dream tomorrow morning.

It's just been a good year! ☺ Things are looking so good. I spend every day waiting for the other shoe to drop, for something bad to happen, but hopefully all the bad things are behind me. I've been through enough to last me a lifetime. Every thing was a learning experience and has made me who I am today.

I'm caring, thoughtful, and always honest. I'm a good person. I spend a lot of time helping the people I care for, physically, mentally, financially, & morally. I want good for everyone. I'm faithful and loyal to anyone I've ever cared for. I'm drug free, alcohol free, and a hard worker. People are always a product of their environment and as long as I only allow good into my environment, I will get only good out of it.

I said it in the beginning of the year, that I'd make 2016 a good one and I did. It's been the best one so far! I developed into the person I am suppose to be. And I have the security in knowing that everything will always be okay.

Good morning, good reflection, about to start my good day."


10/31/016     I posted a picture of my view from work and added a caption that says "My view from work. I really am so very lucky."


11/05/16     "Been so busy I haven't had much time for anything. I knew it would get like that. I haven't gotten to spend any time with Marc in days, but he's still being his wonderful self. Flowers, of course. πŸ˜† And when I woke up this morning he had done the dishes in the middle of the night and cleaned the bathroom. So him having done the few things I planned on doing with my only day off I got to just do whatever I wanted today." After writing that I added a picture of the flowers he had given me.


12/11/05     "Oh. a weekend off! πŸ’ƒ I definitely needed this. Had the company Christmas party Friday, food was amazing. Spent yesterday car shopping, because yes I'm looking at getting a third car and filling up my driveway some more. Today is all about relaxing. I'm gonna spend all day with Marc because we finally have a day off together and my little Kenni because as usual she didn't wanna go to her father's which is always fine by me."


12/16/16     Vacation starts NOW! πŸ—― My first day of vacation will be spent looking for that third vehicle and I may be buying a boat. We shall see when I go check it out tomorrow, but hell, I'm too excited to sleep now!! πŸ™†"


12/19/16 I wrote, "These were much prettier a week ago when Marc first got them for me. I don't think they'll make it to Christmas. πŸ˜”" then followed it with a picture of the huge poinsettas Marc bought me.


12/22/16 "When I divorced my first husband, I signed a couple papers, it took 3 months and cost around $200, which he paid for. Last September when I divorced my second husband it took less than a month, cost $150 which my parents paid for. It was hassle free since my ex wasn't located so he wasn't involved. Actually we've been divorced over a year & he just found out about it last month. Point being!... it's easy, cheap, and super fast so I don't understand a couple of my friends crying to me it's too much money and want me to lend them some. I've been there twice so ain't nobody gone lie me out of my money! /EndRant "


12/27/16 "Got a new car today for my first born. It was a surprise. When she saw it she cried, cute li'l convertible. On the midst of the search I found a really nice SUV that I fell in love with. I'm going to go check it out tomorrow and just might add a fourth vehicle to my collection. Wonder what my insurance company thinks at this point. lol"


Onto another new year...


01/06/17 "2016 was an amazing year! I cannot believe I made it through a whole year with no problems, no drama and only good things. I am so very blessed. 2017 didn't start out so well. For a few days I was showing warning signs for a heart attack. Yep, too young for that but I've been resting & today things are almost feeling normal. The pains are starting to go away & I'm starting to be able to move around better. Just in time for the weekend! It's been 7 days of yuck, but I'm still here. I look forward to what this year will bring. I've already got 2 vacations planned, one of which includes another trip to Florida... I can't wait! Marc & I, as always are on the right path. My mom & dad feel great comfort in knowing I have such an amazing guy. I get my oldest daughter back in 5 months and I got some amazing financial moves coming up. It's looking like 2017 will definitely beat 2016. The butterflies in my stomach have be so excited!"


01/11/17 "Another month, another set of flowers. First of the year, prolly won't be last of the year." And I, of course, included a picture of the flowers.


01/12/17 "Omg. I love today. It's so gorgeous out that it instantly put me in a good mood. I baked this delicious yummy bread and Marc is gone cook pork chops, my favorite and it's just so beautiful out that it makes for a nicer atmosphere. Love love love days like today."


02/02/17 "A year ago this month I met the man that would change my life forever. He came to me at a time when I was getting over some serious things, I was enjoying my single life and I wasn't ready for any relationships. But he turned out to be the one guy who could change my mind. I am so thankful for this guy and I love him more and more every day. He means the world to me & I could never imagine my future without him."


02/16/17 I posted a picture of the flowers Marc & Kendra got me for my birthday and Valentine's Day and included a caption that read, "Feb 16 Two on the left from my guy. 😍 One on the right from my baby girl. 😚"


02/20/17 It's been so beautiful out lately. Spending this four day weekend with my little girl has been amazing. I can't wait for Spring. It's finally nice enough out that we'be been getting some sports play in, instead of TV time. I miss playing outside. Yesterday was perfect!

Kendra & I played fetch with the dogs while Marc made repairs on the shed from last week's storm. (Storm ripped a third of the roof off, but all fixed now.) Here and there Kendra & I started poopy clean up from the dogs, not fun but so beautiful out I didn't even care. We spent some time around the fire and just enjoyed and appreciated everything. I never take time for granted & I never take a beautiful day for granted. So today we'll finish cleaning up after the dogs and play some more sports because I don't know when these gorgeous days will fade back into dark, cold days.

 That's all of them... I hope. I really hope I didn't miss any, because I'm deleting them now and probably won't be posting on my Google+ anymore.

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