Halfway Thru Summer

Sadly July is almost over. :( It's been a full month though. We've done just about everything there is to do with the kids this month, packed a summers worth of activities in just this month. Today I'm getting the girls ready to go with their father for a week.


We won't have the kids next weekend. It is our weekend with them coming up but the girls are going away for a week with their father (today) and MJ is going away for a week with his mother (on Friday). However, next weekend is our weekend without them, but we've arranged to use one of our weeks starting next Friday. And that week will flow right into our weekend. I'm going to try and plan a weekend trip at a campground we're interested in getting a seasonal in. Then hopefully during the week there will be a couple boat/beach trips. Then on Thursday we're taking them camping for the remainder of the weekend at a Jellystone park. It will probably be our last camping trip for a while. MJ starts school on the 18 already. :( The girls won't start school until September 3.


With MJ starting Kindergarten we'll probably cut down to just getting him one weekend a month so he doesn't miss too many Fridays throughout the school year. We'll get him Labor Day weekend and probably one weekend in Sept. to celebrate his birthday, he'll be 6 already. :( Then a weekend in October so we can take them trick or treat camping. So already he'll be missing 3 Fridays. I guess we have no need to get him in November, or even December, other then for the holidays. Unless I plan a weekend thing we probably won't get him again until Easter. I wish the Judge would just grant us every other holiday as is set, but summers with him. It would be so much easier on all of us.


I'm not completely sure, but it may be since it's court ordered that we get him every other Thurs - Sun that those absenses may not count toward his record. I don't know how that works. If we didn't live 5 hours away maybe we could be sending him to school on Fridays. But we don't. The Judge did tell Mike to have the school district email MJs Friday assignments. So if we got him every weekend we're suppose to thats 2 days absent a month. He'd miss 21 days on just weekend visits. That doesn't leave any days for if he gets sick and I'm sure the 21 days exceedes the days he's allowed to miss. When I was in PA my kids were allowed to miss up to 15 days. Here, my kids can only miss 8 days. However, it's never an issue because my kids always have perfect attendance. Whatever, I don't know how any of it works, but I guess we'll find out this year once school starts up for MJ.


Well I have a lot of clothes to get packed so I better get started.



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