Happy Valentine's Day

I don't nomally celebrate Valentine's Day, even with my 2 previous husbands I didn't, but I just love Marc so much I had to get him a li'l something. I bought him a card a month ago that says exactly how I felt at the time, maybe not so much now. 😄 Oh well. I bought him a huge mug that says "Best Guy Ever" on it. I bought Hershey minature candy bars with wrappers that say I love you Marcus on them and Reese peanut butter cups with matching wrappers that say Christa & Marc on them to put inside the mug. 😊 Right now I'm making him a CD with 20 or so songs that describe exactly how I feel about him. Afterwards, I will spend the rest of the day relaxing until he gets home from work and I get to give him these things. I can't wait. So, Happy Valentine's Day people!! 💘



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