Happy Weekend

I'm super excited. We're going camping this week, leaving in a few hours. 😆 We haven't gone camping since July and will only be the third time this year, second with my camper. Tonight will be so busy. We have to check in, set up, pick Kendra up at the bus and drop her with my mom. Then we have to get Tiffany from her dad's and we're going to some haunted houses tonight before we head back to the campground. 👻 Marc wants to get up super early and go fishing. 🎣 I'm sure Kenni will want to go too, but probably not early. We'll walk around the campground Saturday night so Kendra can trick or treat. 🍬 Then Sunday will be busy again.

I've been job hunting. I may be working at this campgrounds sister campground. 🏕 I'm so excited about that, hoping there's discounts involved! I have to go for drug testing today and since I know I'll pass that I'm hoping to be working by the end of the month. Only suck thing is it's seasonal. I'll only work from March to November each year so this year I'll only be getting a month in. 😕

Well that is all for now! I'm actually surprised I took time to update.


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