Her Motive?

If anyone has read any of my earlier posts, you all know how horrible Alex can be. And that she is straight up crazy and I don't just say that because of who she is. I mean it. Anyway, Alex has been being super nice to Michael lately. We couldn't figure out why. She has even been offering him weekends that weren't his. She's been nice during drop offs. She hasn't brought up the fact that Mike is 2 months behind in child support and she even gave him MJ's school pictures. And when we mentioned we want to get him next month for a week she even said we could have 8 days (instead of 7). We have been wondering why she's acting nicely. Michael immediately wanted to be kind in return and do her favors. We're already nice to her, but we don't need to go out of our way just yet. I told him to hold off on that and let's wait to see what her motive is.

Last night Alex texts Mike asking if we'll be getting him this weekend. We can't because Mike will be working. She said that's fine and asked if we could switch weekends permanently, because she'd like to have her kids on the same weekends. Understandable. However, she has no job and has them both every day... it is summer vacation. And MJ's sisters father rarely gets her. I think it has something to do with Alex's boyfriends kid. Either way, we have the weekends set so that we have all 3 of our kids on the same weekend. Plus we have the good weekends. We always have the kids Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July and Labor Day weekend. There is no way I'm going to to do her a favor after all the hell she's put us through and give her MJ on our weekends. That would suck to have the girls one weekend, MJ another weekend. We could never do any camping trips, boat trips, etc. that way. So I said to Michael how we going to answer her without this causing a fight and having bitchy Alex come back. He just answered her this morning, "no thanks." And then left for work! I'm going to be sitting here all day wondering about her response. Hopefully she just lets it go and this doesn't cause another problem.

I can't tell if she's doing this because maybe she gets her boyfriends kids on opposite weekends. Because I have seen her FB pics and they are all of her, her boyfriend, her daughter and her boyfriends son. MJ isn't in any of them. But then she may be doing it because she might have realized we have the good weekends. Or she may be doing it because she realized she planned her family vacation during one of our weekends! Who knows, but I do know there's no way this is just going to go away. This is not going to end well at all.

 I knew all this peace lately was too good to be true. But then, maybe I'm jumping ahead of things. But then, this is Alex. She's never heard of the word kind or nice and has no clue how to communicate other then by screaming at people and bossing them around. And if that doesn't work, she has you arrested for anything and everything and takes you back and forth to court. Yay us! :(



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