I'll Drink to That... Random Title

I feel like this is going to be a stressful weekend. I have a lot going on tomorrow, but also my family and I are going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday so I'm excited about that. The day will be long, but the evening will be nice. I'll have to start thinking about what I'll be wearing tomorrow and it will be nice to get out and have a peaceful evening with Marc, even if my parents and kids will be there. Marc and I have never gone out to dinner alone. The closest we've gotten was with Kendra. That's okay, as he always says, "We have the rest of our lives together." And usually I hate when he tells me that, but I'm okay thinking it this time.


Tomorrow I may get to see MJ so I'm excited about that. It's not definite and I'm sure I'll be back to post it all. But right now I am absolutely freezing and a hot chocolate is calling out to me!



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