I Lost My Job

When I started college I had a couple jobs, but since I got pregnant in my freshmen year I wound up giving up work & college to be a stay at home mom. πŸ€°


After 17 years I decided to go back to work. My kids were 16 & 11 (12 now) so it was time. I interviewed for a few, but the one I really wanted was the one I got. It's a campground and it's seasonal. β›ΊAnd being I spend my whole summer camping any way I was pretty excited for it. When they hired me they explained that I'd only work 9 months out of the year, March to November. I was fine with that and they even found extra work for me last season so I could stay till mid-December because I was such a good worker. They let us go for the season, saying we'd get called back around March. We did, but they asked us to start May 1. I explained to my supervisor that before I took the job I had made arrangements to go away this June for 11 days, for a family wedding. She said that was fine and asked me to email her the dates. Feeling bad I didn't want to take that much time off because I knew they needed me. One of my co-workers is also taking off a week in May & a week in June. Well when my co-worker spoke on the phone with her, getting her dates our supervisor told her not to even start in May, that she'll just start in June when she returns from her second trip. My thinking was when I hear from her she'll tell me the same thing. After all, I only requested 8 days instead of the 11 I mentioned to her and since my co-worker was taking off two seperate weeks I didn't see the big deal in my request. 


I suppose I was wrong. My supervisor e-mailed me and told me that I'm requesting too much time off and she let me go. πŸ˜” I loved that job and I'm so completely bummed. I can not focus on any thing right now and I just can't stop thinking about it. I don't know what to do now. Since I really don't have a job history it's hard for me to find anyone who will even interview me. And when the resort manager hired me last Autumn she said she could tell by my pesonality that I was going to fit in great and after a couple months working there she came to realize I'm a very hard worker. They are having trouble finding anyone who actually does their work and they hired 2 more people who didn't even show up. So I do not understand why if they need help so bad and they know I'm amazing at my job why they can't let me have one week off when it's in my contract to get 3 off any way and have me there the rest of the time they need me. Instead they won't have me at all and they'll still be hurting for help. And if I'm the one to be let go, why?! My co-worker is approved 2 weeks! πŸ€” It's all just backwards thinking to me. If she wasn't going to let me have the time off she could have just said so the first time I mentioned it! She didn't have to let me go when I sent her the dates I needed. It's just that I really loved that job and I thought people only get let go for doing things wrong. πŸ˜’ I don't know...... I don't know what I'm going to do now. I was counting on that first pay check too cause my dryer broke and I wanted to get a new one. I'm tired of making my kids wear stiff clothes off the line. My fridge is also broke so I just don't know. Here's hoping someone else is willing to give me a chance once they see I have no job history. πŸ˜’



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