I'm Getting My Baby Back

My mom & I made a decision that I'm going to get Tiffany back. I know she wants to stay at her father's until the end of the school year, but it's just not a good environment for her. When I agreed to let her live with her father I never thought it would turn out like this. As I told her last night I'm not letting her be treated that way any longer. She spends almost all her time alone in her room crying, does he care? No. I seriously never knew he'd be so irresponsible when he pretended he wanted her so badly. I don't even wanna get into the phone call I had with her last night, I'll just get pissed all over again. I just wanted to remember the day I realized I'm not allowing this to go on any further and she's coming home to me... where she'll be safer, happier, fed, showered, have clean clothes, and people who will take care of her instead of being mean to her and treating her like she is in the way because that's what he does. His "boys" were the most important thing to him and he's now made it clear to our children that they still are.

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