I can't believe we're already in July! It seems like summer just started and we're already one month down. I suppose we weren't able to do a lot with the kids last month for finance reasons, but we got a little bit saved to do something with each of them this past weekend.


Saturday I took Tiffany out shopping and we spent the day together. We drove through all the beaches afterwards and spent time at this one fishing spot my husband is always saying he's going to take the kids one day.


Sunday Mike and I took Kendra to an arcade on the boardwalk, we went for some lunch and then right back to the arcade. So the weekend was good for both of them and they each got some one on one time with me and Kendra, me and Mike.


Mike is working yesterday to tomorrow. Thursday we're going to head on up and pick up MJ for 10 days. Friday we're headed out in the boat for today, taking everyone to the beach. I'm not sure what's going on for Saturday yet, but Sunday we're going to take MJ and Kendra to the boardwalk, take them on some rides. I haven't told Mike about that yet. Monday we're going camping until Friday. I can't wait! I feel like we haven't gone in forever. Friday Stephen gets the girls and we will have only MJ for the weekend. So that is how our July is starting out. =)



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