Just A(nother) Vent

I am so frustrated with my ex-husband. I really don't know why he wanted our children to live with him. But we agreed the children would live wherever they wanted. My oldest wanted to go with him, my youngest wanted to stay with me.


After just a month living with my ex, my oldest decided she wanted to come back home. She hates it there, she's always alone and he leaves her on overnights. But she wanted to finish out the school year so there she stays. Now my ex was never the type of guy to be a deadbeat or so irresponsible but he's turning into that.


I know he leaves her alone on his weekends to stay at his girlfriends house and that is something I've just gotten used to. But this past week he told my daughter he had a 2 day work convention down the shore during the week. She bought that, but me knowing his business because my dad spent over 40 years in the same business I knew this to be untrue. I was aggravated that he'd leave her knowing she had school, needs to be fed dinner and looked after because she does have depression and an eating disorder. She needs to get to and from practice and she had a game that I couldn't make it to. Now that we live 2 hours away I can't make it to all of them. So this was the first game she had no one there for her. Any way, my thinking is if you're going to go away to the beach for two days with your girlfriend does it have to be during the school week, can't you make it during a weekend I have the kids?! My daughter calls me up from the empty house crying Wednesday night saying she's locked herself in her fathers room and she needs to pee. 😟 She complained it was too dark to leave the room. Now I understand she's 16 and could be mature enough to be left home alone overnight, but I know my daughter and she's not ready for such things.


I ask her does she wanna come home with me, but no. She doesn't wanna miss school and she doesn't want to upset her father. Grr! 🗯 Just another 2 more months of this and I'm making her move back in with me.


So she's sitting at home scared, alone, and hungry (since he never bothers to go food shopping, we're always sending food home with her that she can make) while he's by the beach doing whatever with the girl friend and they're all having fun posting pictures on social media about their good time. 😤 I'm so glad my daughter isn't friends with her on Facebook.



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