Just Another One of Our Days

I haven't been feeling well the past couple of days. Tuesday we went to the attorney's office. Mike signed a waiver so that he doesn't have to be at the arraignment tomorrow. He of course plead not guilty. We did find out what exactly happened with 1. He was offered a plea (as was Michael). His plea was a year supervised probabation and $2000 restitution. He took it. Of course he took it, he did this. They offered Mike a lot worse than that. Michael was still facing jail time and they wanted him to plead guilty to 3 of the charges among many other things that no innocent man would agree to. This is just crazy that 1 did all this and Mike's facing the worst punishment. Hopefully they will give him a much better deal next month at his case review. I would really love to see him get a good deal and not waste time having this go to trial.


Tomorrow we're picking up MJ. It will be the first time we've gotten him since that fiasco at the end of December. Mikey talked to Alex this morning. She said she's been coming down the past few weekends. Why didn't she mention it before? Maybe Mike and MJ could have spent some time together. She always has to be so selfish and never thinks of little MJ at all. It's frustrating. Any way, we're pushing all drama aside and although Mike wanted to flip out and ask her why she didn't inform him he bit his tongue and let it go. Oh well. We've had too much going on here lately, we didn't have time. But any way, Mike and MJ are very excited about this weekend. I'm not sure if Mike told him or not but we're taking him and Kendra to see the Easter bunny Friday. Saturday we're going to a Spring festival and other things, so our weekend is pretty full.


I was looking forward to it, but now that I'm not feeling well I don't even wanna pick him up. I wish MJ didn't live 4/5 hours away. Mike we'll be home early tomorrow so that we can go pick him up. My mom will watch the kids for us. The main thing is I'm not looking forward to seeing Alex. She's the reason we haven't gotten MJ in the past couple months. She just causes so much drama, so many fights and stresses not only the two of us out, but our kids and my parents. It's all craziness when she is involved in our lives.


Well here we go I guess because the warm weather is coming and we'll be getting him on the regular until the snow comes back. We're not even going to fight with her anymore over the snow stuff.


Well for now I'm going to upload my newest album to my Sims site and get on with my day.



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