Kids Update

Yesterday was all about my ex-husband and my new boyfriend. Now I'd like to update my blog about what's been going on with my kids.


At the beginning of the calender year Steve came to me telling me that Kendra & Tiffany wanted to move in with him. I went in a downward spiral thinking about how I just lost my husband, my step-son and now I'll be losing my baby girls. We had a little family meeting so I could find out what's going on, made sure Steve was there so I knew that the girls weren't telling him one thing and then coming to me and telling me another. In the end Tiffany explained she's just not happy here. She hates her school, the kids at her school, her bus, fighting with her younger sister all the time. Now that she's 16 I was fine with letting her go. Kendra had been telling Steve she's unhappy with me, but she was lying to him so that we'd let her move in with him. I explained to her she didn't have to lie, if she wanted to live with her father because she never has before that we both understood that. She seemed very relieved. So the agreement between Steve and I was the girls would spend the summer with him and make a final decision before the school year started. By the time summer came Kendra didn't wanna move in with him anymore. *big grin* Tiffany has been staying with him all summer and claims she hasn't made a decision yet, but I think she'll be staying with him. I'm completely fine with that... now. At first I was heartbroken. 


Tiffany just got her license last month. If she stays, come September I'll be car shopping for her. Well... truck really. She wants a pick up truck. Kendra is starting middle school in September, which is crazy too me... my baby girl.


As far as my step-son MJ. Well I've kept in touch with him throughout the winter and his mom lets him call me. Now that Mike & I are broken up Alex doesn't mind letting her son come stay. So she let him come stay with me for a couple weeks in the beginning of July. She said I could keep him as long as I want, but the girls were going on vacation for a week with their father and I thought he'd be bored without him. So I only kept him for 2 weeks. Thankfully his father didn't find out he was in town until he was going home. MJ told me his father buys beer when he picks him up and drinks the whole ride. :( It's sad he's finally old enough to notice those things. And this is why Alex tries not to let Michael take MJ out of state or away from her house. She tries to get him to just visit at her home. 


I haven't seen Michael since October after the court date, when he came to pick his things up. The other day I got the three kids in the car and went to the drug store. I saw a truck there that looked just like his. I had Tiffany check the license plate, it was him. Of course I sped away. I didn't wanna walk in there and him see me with his son & I still have that protection order against him so if he did cause problems I didn't wanna have to have him locked up again. It was just weird that we live so close to each other and haven't run into each other once and the one time I almost do I have his son with me.


Any way, we had a good time with MJ. I really hated taking him home not knowing when I'd see him again. We took him camping for a week. Marcus took him fishing and spent a lot of time with him. MJ loves him. Every day he kept bugging me when Marc was coming home from work. lol Thankfully Marcus doesn't care that he's my ex-husbands kid and he was real good to him. He kept saying MJ was his little fishing buddy. I guess it's also helpful for him to have another male around. lol


Well that's what's going on with my babies. Hopefully I'll be able to continue to keep MJ in my life. And weirdly when I do have MJ, I think about his father A LOT less.



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