Moving Too Fast

Moving Too Fast

So December crept up on me! I was so busy working I haven't been paying attention to the days. I barely got the kids anything, barely got Marc anything, BARELY STARTED! I have this weekend and next weekend to wrap any of the gifts I got the kids before Kendra will be home non-stop until Christmas 🎄 and I haven't gotten them much! I have no ideas, no clue, no nothing! I guess you can say I'm in a panic at this point.


Monday is Kenni's birthday. 🎈 We got her a laptop 💻 and I made her a video. 📀I'm going to allow her to have a Facebook now, with some strict rules! But I'll debut her video on her timeline.


Last night was the Christmas parade, she was in that. I went with my dad and Marc. Stephen & Tiffany met us there. I didn't get to spend too much time with Tiffany, she was hanging out with one of her friends. It was so cold we went to leave early, but as we were leaving the parade ended. I missed the end, because I was walking away, but oh well. My toes felt like they were about to fall off!


I have some things to take care of before Marc gets home in a few minutes. I just wanted to update while things were fresh in my mind.



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