My Poor Tiff

The past two days have been uneventful. Tiffany is coming down tonight so I'll get to spend some time with her since she's not coming this weekend. Her father hasn't even taken the time yet to tell me he wants to keep her on my weekend. At least when Kendra wants to stay home with me I ask him if he's okay with her not visiting. I'm really getting tired of Tiffany being up there, he's completely neglecting her. She has to take a shower when she comes down because they don't have a working shower at his house. He showers at work, she has nowhere to shower. She was suppose to get her braces off 4 months ago and he's yet to make that appointment. I called her up Saturday night trying to get ahold of him and she couldn't cause she said he'd been out of town for two days. I just don't know why he wanted her to live with him. He doesn't feed her, take care of her, spend time with her, nothing. As she told me she's ALWAYS alone. What did he want her for then? Doesn't matter, after the school year is up she's coming back to me. I'm not letting her spend another year up there and she doesn't want to anyway. It's going to cause a huge fight, but like he suggested we try it and if she doesn't like it she moves back. Well, guess what pal, she doesn't like it. Every time she's hurting or going through one of her depressions she calls me up. One day she was hyperventilating and there was just nothing I could do for her since she lives 2 hours away, so I called him. I explained the situation. He called her up and yelled at her for involving me and told her to stop telling me things. How do you tell your child not to include their mother?! I've never done that when she was staying with me. If anything I was the one constantly calling him and making sure he felt included! I'm just so frustrated with him. He's trying to cut me out of her life. And I can't explain to him she needs a working shower or dinner every night because he'll take it out on her for opening her mouth again. At least I know she'll be with me tonight and I will have her eating dinner. She texted me this morning asking if we were having dinner, said she was starving. My response was we always have dinner. If she wasn't so set on finishing out this school year up there I would make her come back in a second. If we had gone through courts instead of verbal agreements all this time the state would have snatched her right out of there by now. He's a hoarder so you know his house is gross. She told me she wanted to wash the dishes, but said she couldn't cause there are bugs crawling all over the sink and dishes. I remember what it was like to live with him and I knew it would turn out that way once we were divorced. I'm sorry I let her ever go stay with him, but at least she'll never beg me to see what it's like to live with her father again. That should be out of her system by now. Okay, I didn't really mean to rant but I guess I just had that all in me.



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