No More Court

Well court was last week. I had every intention on prosecuting, which is why I showed up. However, Mike took the plea so there was no need. He's now on a year of probation, has to take domestic violence classes, $100 fine and he can not contact me unless I invite him to. That was Friday. Monday he came by to get the rest of his things. I thought that would be the end of things since I haven't talked to him in a month and a half. However, he texted me the rest of Monday & some of Tuesday. I stopped responding because I told him there was no point in continuing the conversations. At one point he got his girl friend to text me, thinking I'm dumb enough to believe it was him. No. Well I figured that was that, but come Wednesday he texted my mom. Neither of us has heard from him since then so I guess it's over NOW. I hope so. I will never forget his existence if he keeps popping up. 


Any way, at this point I'm completely over Mike. I didn't think it would happen so fast, but thankfully it did. I've been spending my time with someone... Danny. I've gotten to meet a few guys these past 4 months, but this one I like. He wants a relationship, but understands that it's just too soon for me. Thankfully he's just happy spending time with me. I'm trying to take things slow because I don't want to mess things up, but he's not my focus right now. My relationship with my kids has been changing... improving. My mom & are are becoming closer, not that I thought that even possible, we already were so close. I have been paying more attention to my friends also. I realized after all this went down how important they really are to me, even if they are 3 & 4 hours away from me.


I'm trying to finish my school and have been looking for a job so hopefully that starts to get better too.



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