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Nothing is going on today. I'm suppose to run to the store and pick up a few things, but I'm feeling pretty lazy. When I don't have the kids I always feel like there's no point in even dressing for the day. I've been spending all my time doing what I want to do. I know Michael rather me doing other things with my time, something more productive, but this is like a vacation for me. It drives him crazy when I do things with my time that aren't getting me nowhere, like playing a video game or reading a book. I told him though, I do what I want with my time and it shouldn't matter to him. He says he doesn't know why it bothers him, but oh well. I don't make him do what I want him to do with his time. He's always doing things I rather him not be doing.


Maybe around noon I'll get dressed and run to the store. The problem is I have to go to the bank too and I hate going to the bank. We have two banks in our area and the one I go to the people there are really snotty and I just hate dealing with them. The other one the people there are SOOOO nice that it makes me sick, I can't even go into that one. My husband hates that one too. lol There is a such thing as being overly friendly, just so you too friendly people know. They need to invent an app where I can deposit my cash from my phone. ;)


This whole post was pointless and uneventful but I felt like writing. I really do try to keep this thing updated. I don't know how I keep going months without remembering it exists!



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