Quick Holiday Post

Well Christmas was okay. The kids had a good time and that's all I care about. Mike and I fought almost the whole week. Well we didn't fight, but we weren't on good terms. We got along the whole week, just had something in the back of our minds going on. The girls were with their father for Christmas Eve, came home and stayed with me through Christmas until Friday. Friday I dropped them off with their father and Mike picked MJ up from his mother. We gave MJ his gifts on Saturday and he spent all weekend playing them, having the Wii U all to himself. Michael didn't work. I picked the girls up from their father Monday night. They took turns staying at my mother's each night. Mike worked Tuesday & Wednesday. Wednesday night we all went to my parents, had dinner, stayed there till sometime after the ball dropped. One of the girls spent the night, forget which one. Friday my parents left for two weeks and the five of us had a weekend alone. Sunday Michael took MJ home.


That's all about that, just wanted to get it in before I forgot any of it.



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