Quiet Day

I haven't much to say since my really long post a couple of days ago. Nothing new is going on. I'm just waiting for days to pass so my car can get fixed. I have the tire, and Mike is suppose to pick up the rim... soon! I hope. It's been three weeks now. :( He found me a new bumper though, painted and all it's kind of cheap.


I didn't want my dad to find out about the car, but guess he will because he's coming back from vacation today and he'll be over tomorrow. My mom is staying an extra week, but she already knew about the car.


The girls are with their father this weekend and Michael is working. I'm thinking he'll have off tomorrow, but I seriously need some alone time and hope he works.


The kids have been home so much with all this snow. I need quiet! This week they had a 2 hour delay Monday, snow day Thursday and off Friday. Last week they had snow days Thursday and Friday and the week before they only had school one day that week. That's the same week Michael only had work one day that week. That week completely messed us up. Just when I thought we were going to get caught up on bills and come into a good place. Don't I always think that though? Four years... five years I've been thinking that.


Okay, on to my kids free... husband free... parents free... peaceful me day. :D



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