Septembers Almost Over

Well September has come and is almost gone. We haven't done much since Michael's been out of work. Mid July was his last job. He was never able to find anything come August and now September. Because of this we haven't been able to get MJ. I miss him and I'm sure Mike misses him like crazy. MJ's birthday was this past Saturday. I was hoping we'd be able to get him last weekend or this weekend coming so we could do something for him, but no. Any way Mike called up Alex Saturday so he could talk to MJ on his birthday. She ignored all his calls and his texts explaining he wanted to talk to MJ. He has yet to be able to talk to him. Because we've been through this before she is court ordered to pick up the phone every night between 6 and 8 so that MJ and Mike can talk but she ignores that order. She lies to the judge and says we don't pick up the phone when she calls. Bull! She never calls MJ when it's our weekend or even if we take him for a week. On our court ordered weeks I have MJ call her on Wednesdays just so he's in touch with his mother, she never calls him so it's all lies. The Judge who has always favored Alex just tells her to make sure she answers the phone and glares at Michael telling him that goes for him too. It's aggravating that this Judge thinks anything Mike says is a lie and that Alex is always right. I don't have this problem with my ex-husband. We have no court orders, everything was decided via our mouths, no piece of paper. I do not deny my kids any type of relationship with their father. I do the same as I do for Alex, but more because I understand the feeling of being a mother. Anything I do is for MJ. I don't take his fathers side, I don't take his mothers side. I do not do what is best for Michael, I don't do what's best for Alex. My decisions are all based on what MJ would prefer. I make that 9 hour round trip for MJ every other weekend, not for Michael. I plan all family functions around when we can have MJ so he doesn't miss anything. Alex will go out of her way to ruin these trips no matter what MJ wants, just to spite Mike. And Michael will sometimes get so mad with Alex he'll give up on MJ for a few weeks so that he doesn't have to deal with Alex, and I have to remind him it's not about his feelings, his hate for Alex, but about what is best for MJ and that puts Mike back on the ball.


I'm not sure how this post turned into another rant. I just dropped in real quick to say nothings new. Nothing is going on. Mike has no job, I haven't started my last class yet, and we haven't been able to take the kids on any trips. Oh, but the girls will start their hip-hop class next month. My parents are going to help me pay for that. They feel like the girls shouldn't be missing out on things just because Michael isn't able to find anything right now. My parents have always been amazing like that.



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