Spring is Here

Coping with Mike's death has it's harder days, this weekend being two of them. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous and I'm trying to enjoy it with Marc and Kendra but all I keep thinking is, "Look at this beautiful day Mike and you're missing it!" It's suppose to be nice out for the next two weeks. Now I don't keep up with the news or the weather so I don't know for sure if spring is really here of if it's just going to be nice for a short time. Either way I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible. I been taking Kendra to the park and spending a lot of time outside with the dogs. I've even started working on getting the yard back in order for the summer. I'm excited about this Spring and can't wait. I'm loving my life more than ever and can't wait to focus on just Marc. I was confused for awhile with Mike linger around, but now that I know for sure we will never be back together I can just put all my energy and thoughts into Marcus.


I do love Marc... a lot❗ There were just times when I wasn't sure if one day Mike & I might work on things once Marc and I broke up. Now I never intend on leaving Marc or losing him, but after the life I've lived I know one thing for certain...... just because you want a relationship to last more than anything, doesn't mean it will. I don' tknow if Marc and I will be forever, but I know I want him forever and I hope I get to be with him forever. ðŸ’œ


Life is good.🌺 I'm just sorry Michael is missing it all. ðŸ˜•



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