Thanksgiving... I Forgot You

I just realized I never wrote about my Thanksgiving. Years from now I'll want to know something and won't be able to find it out. I hope I can remember most of what happened! *opens the calender app* Okay, let's see...


Tuesday Michael left work early to go pick up MJ. Of course they didn't get into till 9:30 at night. At this point I was ready to put Kendra to bed and laid MJ down too. Michael had work the next morning. Or he was suppose to. Wednesday came and it was raining all day so we had plans to go to the lights festival, but because of the rain didn't go. After Mike got home from work, we took the 3 kids to the mall and got the younger 2 pictures with Santa. Thursday came and we went to my parents for dinner. We headed over there around 2. I wish I had a chance to eat more. I'm not even sure how long we stayed over there. Friday Mike had work. The younger kids played outside almost all day and I was able to spend sometime with Tiffany. We played Super Luigi most of the day until Mike came home. Since we couldn't make it to the light festival Wednesday we went Friday night. It was a 45 minute wait to get on the tram, but it wasn't as cold as usual. Normally we just walk right on and go, but I guess cause it was Thanksgiving weekend it was busy. Afterwards we took the kids to my parents, had some hot chocolate there. Tiffany slept over my parents and we took MJ & Kendra home. Saturday we straighted up the house and decorated for Christmas. After Michael was done getting the tree situated the 5 of us decorated it. Kendra & MJ had to play with the train afterwards... of course. The living room turned out pretty good, the kitchen is still not finished. Sunday came and I spent the day with the girls while Mike took MJ home. He left around noon and got home around 7. Taking him home early was nice because that means Mike was home early enough we could have dinner together.


So far Michael has been working every day. [insert excited grin here] It's nice to see him actually going to work and it's comforting knowing some money will be coming in every Friday. He didn't work Tuesday because of the rain. His job sites get shut down in rain, but he was out there any way putting our Christmas lights up. He rather work in the rain, but he's not the boss. 


Today is Kendra's birthday. I'm excited to give her her presents. I'm waiting for her to come home from school then I'm going to take her to the store to pick out a cake. I don't have her parties in December because I don't think it's fair to her so January is when the real celebration will be going on. For now there's no money and no time. So we're going to have cake and do the presents early and head to the Christmas parade. She'll be on one of the floats this year so I have to have her there early. Once that's over her and Tiffany will be going to the their fathers for the weekend. So tomorrow I'll work on Kendra's room some more and hopefully get some Christmas wrapping done. It's suppose to rain tomorrow so maybe Mikey will have off and we can finish up our Christmas shopping. We're done MJ and Kenni, just have to finish up with Tiff.


I made this super long and I want to relax some before Kendra gets home in 2 hours so I'm out. 



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