This Week

I wish I had more time to sit and write so that I wouldn't forget everything going on in the past couple of days... er weeks. Well Mike got a job, but it's only for a few days. He started Saturday and says he'll be done by Tuesday or Wednesday. *sad face* But on a happy note we may be able to put some money aside, ignorning a couple bills, to pick up MJ for this weekend. I want to take the kids to a new pumpkin patch this year. The one we've been taking them too is getting yucky year after year. That's my plans for this weekend. I'm hoping everything goes as planned.


I'm planning to go to a gym this week and signing up. I'm trying to get my mom into it too because she's been complaining she wants to go to a gym and plus I can use this as time to spend with her. We were suppose to go check it out today, but she isn't feeling well so she promises me tomorrow. I'm so excited about it! I guess that's a good thing because I know if I did sign up today I'd want to start today and I'm not sure I can do that. I am so sore. I rearranged my bedroom yesterday and I have a huge oak bedroom set with a giant bed. The bed kicked my ass! My forearms hurt so bad it's even hard for me to type. I had trouble pushing the buttons on the remote control when I was watching TV last night.


My dad is texting me so I guess I gotta see what he wants. He's always yelling at me, telling me he can never get ahold of me. lol I wouldn't even have a phone if I didn't have kids.



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