Unofficial End of Summer

My girls start school on Tuesday. In a way I'm sad because it will be back to early morning, packing lunches, and no more trips. In a way I'm happy because it's been a long summer and I need a break! My step-son already started school last Monday. We're suppose to get him this weekend, but haven't the money to do so. It's really disappointing because this was the last weekend we were going to be taking the boat out and our last beach visit. Tonight is open house at Tiffany's school. I went to Kendra's on Tuesday. Last week I had to go to an orientation at Tiff's school too. I'm happy they'll be starting so that I won't have to deal with anymore of these functions. The teachers around here can really put you to sleep. Well Tiffany's teachers. Kendra's were actually nice and entertaining.


So as I mentioned Saturday we're going to be taking the boat out. We'll spend the whole day at the beach probably. I'm not sure what we have going on Sunday or Monday yet. If we had MJ we'd have to spend the day on the road Monday taking him home, but unless Michael can come up with $250 by tomorrow evening we won't be getting him. And that doesn't even count the tolls we'll have to pay. It costs us about $550 a month to get MJ on our court appointed weekends. At first the judge understood this and lowered Michaels child support to something that we could manage. But after a year she raised it back up so most months we either have to pay child support, or put it in the gas tank to get MJ. There's never been a month where we were able to afford both. Therefore, because we've been getting MJ since May we're behind on child support. Now that winter is here and we won't be getting him as often with him being in school we'll be able to catch up... I hope. I said that last year too though and it didn't happen. By the time we were almost caught up, it was summer again and we were back doing the family things.


Alex, of course, continues to threaten to have Michael locked up. But if she does that, no child support will be getting paid. I'm not sure she thinks that through. And last time she had him locked up, when he was released she asked the courts to raise his child support because he was behind and she thought if they raised it it would help him catch up. Um... no. Duh! If they raise it it will be harder for him to catch up and hello!! He wouldn't have fallen another 6 months behind if you hadn't had him locked up! By November 2012 he was all caught up. It was a great feeling. He stayed on track through to June 2013 when they decided to raise it again and that's when he started falling behind again. They made the amount of his child support a whole check and a half, which left him with $700 a month left and forget his insurance, cell phone bill, rent, he was just making his truck payment on that. It costs about $500 a month just on gas when he doesn't get MJ. Okay, now that I'm typing this all out as I'm thinking about it, I realize he may never get caught up on his child support, but we'll keep trying. I help him whenever I can, but my part of the bills and my kids come first. I may have to get a job just to pay his child support. 

We're going to have to sit down and figure something out, because we're behind in a lot of bills, not just child support. I hate being in debt and I hate owing anyone money, even Alex. Whatever's going on now just isn't working. Michael is thinking about shutting down his business and getting a job somewhere. However, he can't find himself a job that will pay more than his business is making, but his business is still in a hole. OMG! This is why people need to graduate from H.S. I truly believe that is why no one hires him. We've always said when we had some extra money he'd finish school, but we've never had extra money. 

Okay, this was not meant to be a rant about financial problems. I hate that it lead there, but it's my blog and it's a part of my life so oh well. I only meant to go on about this weekend. Weird where things will lead. Maybe one day I will get into it more, but not today. 


For now I have to get showered and dressed to go to my moms. Tonight (and every Thursday night) we have dinner at my moms. Afterwards I have Tiff's open house which will run for a couple hours I'm sure so it's going to be a long evening. 



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Comments (2)

  1. christyhuntley

    wow have you all thought about hiring a lawyer and have the child support lowered, show them how his finances dont work……and he cant see mj and pay! you may even consider going to one cell phone to cut that bill and look at other ways to cut back…..good luck

    September 02, 2014
    1. chrismarx

      Yeah. We need a lawyer desperately, I have looked into it. I believe it would really help, but just can’t hire one at this time. If some day we are able to afford one I already have one picked out and ready to go.

      September 23, 2014