Welcome August

I get my kids back today! I'm so happy. My daughters have been with their father for 8 days now. He was suppose to have them back yesterday but my oldest asked if they could stay an extra day. I have to meet up with my ex-husband around 5 tonight to get them, but he has a 9 hour drive ahead of him from where his vacation location is. Before then I'm going to head up to a camp ground and see about getting a site for this weekend. It's last minute notice but I couldn't get Michael to make a final decision on whether or not he wanted to go since we're going next weekend too. Next weekend will probably be our last weekend for the year since the kids will be starting school. If not, then we won't be able to take MJ with us. We'll see how things work out throughout the school year. For now I have some things to take care of that I mentioned in my new blog and then I'll probably be back.



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